"A photo shoot with Valerie Racine is an experience in being truly seen.  While other photographers tend to follow a standard protocol that can be formulaic, Valerie follows her instincts as she bears witness to authentic moments of connection among her subjects.  With the perfect balance of confident direction and gentle flexibility, she puts her subjects at ease so that their essence shines through.  The resulting images are as stunning as they are pure."
​                                                                                                               ~Molly, wife and mother of two

Authentic. Emotive. Timeless.

Valerie is a lifestyle portrait photographer based in Southern Vermont specializing in capturing connection and emotion within relationships using natural light, landscape, and humor.  With a curious eye, Valerie is able to capture details in moments that are often unseen by others resulting in emotive images that stand the test of time.  Throughout her work, you'll find authentic, emotive, and timeless images that preserve memories for families and future generations.
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